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Who Knew?


“my self portrait,  “Pearhead” 16” x20” oil on panel”
Natalia Fabia

Chily morning on Diablo Lake ➾ Jayme Gordon
Pronto. Minha vida 20% mais completa agora.

editorial “living in denial: From climate change to vaccines, evolution to flu, denialists are on the march. Why are so many people refusing to accept what the evidence is telling them?”
Link to article here

A New Perspective of the Day: Floor Plans From Famous TV Shows
Since September 2012, Spanish interior designer Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde has been mapping meticulously detailed floor plans based on notable fictional residences in popular TV shows. Initially shared on his deviantART account, Lizarralde’s project includes the apartments from How I Met Your Mother (shown top),Friends (shown middle) and Frasier (shown bottom), among several others.
Hat tip to Juxtapoz.